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Monday, 15 July 2013

Symptoms of intestinal blockage in dogs

Worried intestinal obstruction in dogs? 
If you have a dog with a vacuum cleaner'' reputation'' be careful to recognize the early signs of bowel obstruction. The list of recovered objects of dogs every year is quite impressive and from time to time, but quite amazing. The most commonly encountered are coins, bones, sticks, toys, socks, rocks, buttons, clothing, balls, carpets and marble.

Symptoms of intestinal obstruction

Symptoms vary depending on the location of the blockage. The most common factor is the presence of vomiting, loss of appetite, pain and difficulty defecating.

If the obstruction is in the esophagus, it is likely that dogs lick tier lips, difficulty swallowing and regurgitating after eating (croquettes with roughly indigestible and often vomit is elongated tubular). Commonly affected dog may suffer from dehydration because they can not eat and drink properly. Because they are unable to keep food down, these dogs go downhill pretty fast.

If the blockage is in the stomach, the pylorus is often blocked, causing the food and do not make it through the intestinal tract. episodes therefore normally present within a few hours after eating vomiting. The most common objects to create blockages in the stomach are large and smooth, like golf balls, balls and bones.

If the lock is in the small intestine, this means that the object was able to make it through the pylorus, but clings to the curves of the small intestine areas. When this happens, the gas accumulates causing the intestine to become distended, and finally the blood supply is interrupted causing the tissue to die. In this case, the dogs will develop vomiting immediately after eating, abdominal pain, bloating, fever, shock and even death if not treated.

* Note: If the blockage is further down the road towards the end of the small intestine, diarrhea is more common, however, vomiting may occur 7-8 hours after eating post.

* Please note that some symptoms may not occur immediately locks that are initially partially blocking. For example, a dog, once submitted to our office, six days after swallowing part of a stuffed animal. What happens is that fluctuations in dogs foreign body in the stomach for a few days before entering the small intestine refine and create problems.

My dog disallowed a bone to do?

This is pretty common. You are far from a second table only to discover that your dog get their wings as soon as you continue your dog swallows. What to do in this case?

Unlike raw bones cooked bones are more likely to shatter. Contribute to an average of one slice of bread rich in fiber wrapped around the bones that protect the stomach and hope the intestinal wall. Other food choices are fourth-1/2 cup pumpkin normal or 1/2 cup brown rice retains.

All that remains to be done in most cases, just give it a wait and see approach.

The dogs begin to appear apathetic, not interested in food, starting vomiting, abdominal pain, bloody or tarry stools, difficulty passing stools or simply do not act normally, should be seen by a veterinarian immediately.

For more details with tips veterans, visit "What if your dog ate chicken bones?"

Diagnosis of Gastrointestinal foreign body

Veterinarians will begin with a physical exam and palpate the dog's abdomen for signs of pain and bloating. Often, the foreign body can be felt as well during palpation. X-rays can be swallowed object and its exact location. Not all items can be seen on radiographs. For example, a stone may appear easy, but a piece of bone rawhide can not. in some cases it may be necessary to ingest elements visible on barium radiographs. The veterinarian can then determine if the item will probably leave it alone or surgery may be necessary.


If the foreign body ingested less than two hours, and the object is sure to bring a relief, veterinarians may recommend to induce vomiting with hydrogen peroxide 3%. In some cases, if it does not work, the vet may administer the most effective drugs to induce vomiting. Note: Do not try to induce vomiting on your own, some items may be dangerous to make a backup.

In other cases, the object can be retrieved with an endoscope armed utensils made to grasp the object. This is useful if the object is still in the womb and not too easy to understand. Unfortunately, once the subject has made its way through the small intestine and pylorus, surgery is necessary.

If there is necrosis (tissue death) in certain parts of the intestine, they must be removed with the foreign object and the two ends of the gastrointestinal tract will be sutured back together.

The prognosis for gastrointestinal obstruction

The prognosis depends on the severity of the obstruction and the presence of complicating factors such as necrosis and peritonitis. In general, most animals recover well. However, after surgery, the dogs should be monitored for signs of leakage in the intestinal tract. Fever and abdominal pain inform the veterinarian immediately. A liquid diet is presented in the first few days, then gradually fades rather soft foods the dog is returned to solid food. The dog may need to wear an Elizabethan collar to prevent chewing their stitches.

How to prevent intestinal obstruction:

Keep an eagle eye on your pet, it only takes a few seconds for them to swallow a toy while giving back.
Never give cooked bones (which are more likely to break), rawhide or dangerous toys for dogs with an empty name.
bone steak, ribs and carcasses Turkey are big trouble if swallowed.
Make sure toys are larger than the dog's neck, therefore, impossible to always swallow.
Teaching orders fall and leave.

Some of the most dangerous elements ingested

Although nothing is harmful if swallowed blocks gastrointestinal tract of dogs, there are few things that can do more damage when it passes through. Here are swallowed elements known to cause complications.

Pennies are often the cause of intestinal obstruction in dogs, but can also cause zinc toxicity if they were minted after 1982.

A string may appear as an innocent purpose, but often, once in the intestinal tract moving waves can cause the intestine are collected like an accordion. As the chain becomes stronger, which could reduce the time through the intestines. This is known as a linear foreign body.

These teeth if pierced by releasing acids that can corrode the throat and stomach of the dog. Dogs that have ingested alkaline batteries do not induce vomiting and its contents are corrosive and cause more damage to bring up. Consult a veterinarian immediately or call poison control.

Cat Litter
Because the trash can begin gathering once ingested, can cause problems, especially when ingested in large quantities.

Interestingly, sharp objects sometimes pass without problems, since the intestinal tract' detects its sharpness and spasms around them as it does with soft objects. If your dog swallowing something sharp, try loading one-half slice of bread rich in fiber wrapped around the bone to hopefully protect the stomach and intestinal wall or fourth-half cup of pumpkin normal or 1/2 cup brown rice retains.

The problem with the pads that are made so that they swell with moisture and when that happens inside the dog that can create problems that pass through the stomach and intestinal tract intestinal obstruction change Dog possibilities. Feeding the same elements listed above sharps is recommended to avoid the plastic rubbing against the intestinal wall.